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Re: [Linux-cluster] RHEL4 spec file - hugemem on x86_64

Unfortunately our build system ignores the "%if" so we have to use the BuildRequires: kernel-hugemem. There's another package that we use which provides kernel-hugemem on the archs that don't have a hugemem kernel. The best thing to do is either remove those BuildRequires for the arch you want or build with --nodeps.


Troy Dawson wrote:

I just thought I'd ask if this has already been taken care of before I put up a bugzilla bug.

on the rpm's that build kernel modules they require kernel-hugemem and kernel-hugemem-devel to build. But for x86_64 there isn't a kernel-hugemem and the kernel-hugemem-devel is an i686.

To fix this you just need to put a

%if %{buildhugemem}
BuildRequires: kernel-hugemem = %{kernel_version}
BuildRequires: kernel-hugemem-devel = %{kernel_version}

up in the BuildRequires section.
This affects

One solution you can do is build them with the --nodeps option, but you have to be careful to make sure you have all the other dependancies in before you run it with that.


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