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Re: [Linux-cluster] fence device

On Jul 28, 2005, at 9:18 PM, Q.L wrote:

So, is there any 8 ports brocade switch that support fencing agent?

Pretty much all brocade switches are supported by the (included) fence_brocade agent.

can Qlogic switch work?

I think so. We have a fence_sanbox2 agent... not sure about all the models it supports - perhaps all, perhaps one. Help, anyone?

 If I use a switch without fencing agent, can I
use a manual fencing way to get system work?

Yes, but it will require manual intervention every time you have (or test) a failure.

 In fact, what I want to
study is the Symmetric lock principle, especially at the time
concurrent write/read to the storage pool from both nodes, without
considering one point failure.

If you had a third machine, you could use GNBD. The GNBD server would be a SPOF, but if it's just for testing, it would be fine. GNBD would turn your third box into a iSCSI-like device which has built in I/O fencing support.


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