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[Linux-cluster] Compile Issues



I have gone through the list before buging you guys but haven’t found the answer. A few days ago someone else was having issues and someone recommended getting the source from:




Instead of the CSV and to compile it against vanilla 2.6.12. I followed those instructions and everything appeared to compile fine except when I modprobe gfs I get this fun error:


ATAL: Error inserting gfs (/lib/modules/2.6.12/kernel/fs/gfs/gfs.ko): Unknown symbol in module, or unknown parameter (see dmesg)


dmesg output:


gfs: Unknown symbol posix_acl_from_xattr

gfs: Unknown symbol posix_acl_valid

gfs: Unknown symbol posix_acl_permission

gfs: Unknown symbol posix_acl_equiv_mode

gfs: Unknown symbol posix_acl_chmod_masq

gfs: Unknown symbol posix_acl_to_xattr

gfs: Unknown symbol posix_acl_create_masq

gfs: Unknown symbol posix_acl_clone


Looking at the source its linking against the correct headers for the functions.. and the functions do exist in the headers.


Maybe I have not compiled someone into the kernel that I needed in order to make this work? Could I be trying to use this against the wrong kernel(Vanilla 2.6.12 http://kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/v2.6/linux- )? I have been trying to either compile modules or patch against most of the newer kernels for the last two days with no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Jacob L.





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