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[Linux-cluster] bad: scheduling while atomic!


Is there any solution to this oops? I'm getting it
since upgrade a couple of months ago. Use of RHEL4
branch didn't help at all.

CMAN: Waiting to join or form a Linux-cluster
CMAN: sending membership request
CMAN: got node share2
CMAN: quorum regained, resuming activity
bad: scheduling while atomic!
 [<c036d195>] schedule+0xb11/0xb16
 [<f8bd3b69>] cl_sendack+0x105/0x162 [cman]
 [<f8bd06b9>] start_ack_timer+0x31/0x35 [cman]
 [<f8bd3313>] __sendmsg+0x4da/0x671 [cman]
 [<f8bdbef7>] add_barrier_callback+0x70/0x141 [cman]
 [<f8bdc00a>] callback_startdone_barrier_new+0x1f/0x23 [cman]
 [<f8bd4a5c>] check_barrier_complete_phase2+0xbe/0x103 [cman]
 [<f8bd4b7c>] process_barrier_msg+0xb9/0x133 [cman]
 [<f8bd0fd7>] process_incoming_packet+0x187/0x275 [cman]
 [<f8bd01aa>] receive_message+0xcb/0xe6 [cman]
 [<f8bd0342>] cluster_kthread+0x17d/0x32c [cman]
 [<c0116492>] default_wake_function+0x0/0x12
 [<f8bd01c5>] cluster_kthread+0x0/0x32c [cman]
 [<c010230d>] kernel_thread_helper+0x5/0xb

The same occurs on second node, with a slight difference:

CMAN: node share1 rejoining
scheduling while atomic: cman_comms/0x00000001/8850

I was getting this error while using 2.6.10 and 2.6.11.
Now I downgraded kernel to 2.6.9 (which is RHEL4 native version AFAIK).
    Thank you in advance for help, best regards,


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