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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS 6 Question

On Wed, Jun 01, 2005 at 03:26:45PM +0200, Yazan Al-Sheyyab wrote:
> Hello ,
>  i have a problem when making the ( pool_tool -c system.pool ) command
>   the system.pool file is a file i build myself and related to a partition created from LVM (logical)
>  and i have 15 file like it.
>   what is the problem here and how can i solve it and result to a pool written to the /dev/pool.
>    it write to me that it is unable to open the whole partitions created by lvm from (lvma-...lvmo)
>  each time i use this command.
>    and after that i cannot assemble them too.
>    **************  that was an Email i sent last time and your answer was not to use GFS with LVM.
>     NOW NOW NOW   ......     i will have the GFS 6 . does GFS 6  has any problems with the lvm again.
>     i need to make partitions on the shared storage and a many of these partitions created by lvm and in the same time i need these partitioned to be GFS formated .   So can i now solve this problem using the GFS 6   or i will stay with the same problem.
>    and how can i solve this problem if it is the same. ??????????????????????????.
>    Please any help solving this problem.

You can't use LVM under pool.  This is still true in 6.0.  Part of the
problem is the way lvm devices are displayed in /proc/partitions is
inconsistent with their actual device names - pool uses /proc/partitions to
determine which devices to scan for labels.  Another problem is that if you
resize the underlying lvm device, pool won't cope.  And of course the other
problem with doing this is that LVM1 is not cluster-aware, so any changes you
make to a VG or LV will not be seen on any nodes other than the node the
change was made on.

Don't use pool on top of LVM.

In GFS 6.0 and previous you are limited to the 15 partitions you can make on a
disk to divide up your space for pools.  The latest version of GFS (6.1),
which will be released on RHEL4 and FC4, uses clvm (cluster lvm) instead of
pool, so these issues are resolved in that version.  

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