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[Linux-cluster] RE: [Clusters_sig] Next Cluster SIG conf call Thursday, June 9th 9am PDT


It is certainly NOT an SSI meeting.  I certainly did contact the
filesystem people via the linux-cluster mailing list (all my messages on
this topic have been sent to both linux-cluster (filesystem mailing
list) and clusters_sig.  Please check your mail.

As I indicated, I have attendance from several cluster projects (SSI and
non-SSI) and I would very much like GFS and OCFS2 representation. 

I would like this meeting to build on the Germany conference, as I
indicated.   Copy of the announcement (sent to clusters_sig and
linux-clusters is included below):

From: Walker, Bruce J
Sent: Thursday, May 26, 2005 4:03 PM
To: 'linux clustering'; clusters_sig lists osdl org
Subject: RE: [Linux-cluster] Cluster meeting at OLS

As a followup and extension to the Cluster Summit in Germany, there will
be Cluster 
Meeting on June 18 and June 19 (Monday and Tuesday before OLS) at the
conference hotel 
in Ottawa.  We have the the Rideau Suite, in Les Suites, reserved all
day, both days.
I will try to bring a projector so presentations can be an option.

Currently there are at least 11 confirmed attendees representing many
cluster projects/technologies.  The room can hold at least 20 people.   
I hope some of the folks who can make it to the Cluster Summit in
bwill also be able to attend this meeting to share the outcome of the


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From: linux-cluster-bounces redhat com
[mailto:linux-cluster-bounces redhat com] On Behalf Of Walker, Bruce J
Sent: Monday, May 09, 2005 6:05 AM
To: clusters_sig lists osdl org; linux-cluster redhat com
Subject: [Linux-cluster] Planning a Cluster meeting at OLS

I am trying to gauge interest in a cluster meeting at OLS (before OLS
starts).  Topics would include, but not be limited to:
   membership, fencing, apis, (kernel and non-kernel)
   cluster filesystems (hooks, DLMs, recovery, membership, etc.)
   common hooks for clusterwide process management
      - openssi, openmosix, bproc, kerrighed, cassat, ...
Goal would be to make progress toward common infrastructure or common
infrastructure interfaces that various groups could work with.

If you are interested and can attend, please let me (not the whole
lists) know asap:
   -  one day only (Tuesday July 19)
   - two days (Monday July 18 and Tuesday July 19)
   - 3 days (Sunday-Tuesday).

Feel free to extend this request to other mailing lists.  Based on the
responses received by May 12 (it doesn't have to be a firm commitment),
I will let everyone know if and how long we will meet so we all can plan

Bruce Walker

Linux-cluster mailing list
Linux-cluster redhat com

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From: Daniel Phillips [mailto:phillips redhat com] 
Sent: Wednesday, June 01, 2005 11:19 AM
To: clusters_sig lists osdl org
Cc: Walker, Bruce J; Daniel McNeil; clusters_sig osdl org
Subject: Re: [Clusters_sig] Next Cluster SIG conf call Thursday, June
9th 9am PDT

On Thursday 26 May 2005 18:54, Walker, Bruce J wrote:
> I have booked a conference room at OLS for Monday and Tuesday before 
> OLS (July 18,19).  It can hold at least 20 people and I have at least 
> 10 confirmed for attendance.  I hope some OSDL folks can come, along 
> with RedHat, Oracle, Kerrighed, Cassat, and bproc/Scyld folks.

Hi Bruce,

I suggest you call that conference what it is: an SSI conference.  If
you want it to be a cluster conference, you might at least consider
contacting the people that are doing the cluster filesystem work, which
you have not done.

Anyway, I doubt that I can attend because of previous commitments and I
do not know of anyone from Red Hat who can attend.  So please call it an
SSI workshop.



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