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[Linux-cluster] GFS questions to have a final decision

       I want to rebuilt our cluster environment again using the newest version of GFS (6) , and
       I asked a Technical solution provider about that giving him the HardWare i have which is :  
         ( HP  ML370 G3 ) ( 2 servers ) using an external storage which is
         ( HP/Compaq MSA500 , SCSI ) and the kind of RHEL OS that wil be
         run the clusters on is ( ES V3 update 2)
    then he answered me the following :
          In your case you will need Three (3) GFS entitlements, One(1) for each
          Node which makes it two and One (1) for the lock server, in other words
          you will also need a third server.

  and after asking why --->  he answered the following :
       The hardware you are to use ( HP ML370 G3) is only supported by RHEL
       V4, and not by RHEL V3
     - The external storage HP/Compaq MSA500, SCSI is certified.
     - The lock sever is a system that will be managing access to the shared
       data, all "writes" to the shared device are controlled by it to avoid
       file system inconsistency.

      Since there will be  many systems accessing the same physical device,
      there is a need for  coordination to avoid overwriting some blocks,
      hence the need for a lock server.
      that was the questions and the answers .
   ****  and now i just wanted to know IF THIS IS TRUE ?????????
   ****  and can i use only one version insted of three for the 2 nodes and the LOCK Server ?
   ****  and can i use a software like  MC service guard with RedHat  as used with the UNIX and HP-UX systems ?
   ****  any respond please to take the right decision cause i am in a hurry.


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