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RE: [Linux-cluster] A few GFS newbie questions: journals, etc

On Wed, 8 Jun 2005 JACOB_LIBERMAN Dell com wrote:
You can add additional journals at a later time provided that you have free disk space on the filesystem. At least, that was the case with GFS 6.

Nifty - good to know.

With lock_gulm, you can run with a single lock manager or redundant lock managers. In a redundant lock manager config, you generally have 3-5 lock managers. One is elected the master lock manager and the others are slaves. If the master loses conenctivity to the other nodes, the majority of the remaining nodes will elect a new master.

The other consideration when using lock_gulm with RLM is that lockserver nodes must be fenced from network and the storage, so simply fencing on a fibre switch port is not suffiencient. These means that you need network power switches to fence the lock servers.

Got'cha. I should have the boxes on Masterswitches, so should be fine there. The only time a box would need to be fenced is when it loses communication, right? (So I'd still be ok running virtual machines on the lock servers.)

If you have Dell PowerEdge servers, you can also fence them with the Embedded Remote Access controllers. I wrote a little PERL script that does so if you're interested. Theres also a similar script in the fence CVS, but I like mine better. 8)

I do have PowerEdge servers, but they are 1550's, which apparently won't work with any of the RAC cards. :( I was bummed to find that out.

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