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[Linux-cluster] SSI and root filesystem on GFS

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I'm trying to setup a SSI cluster based on GFS. Up to know, we don't intend
on doing process migration, but our idea is to have a cluster of 8 Blades
sharing both configuration and data.

We run RedHAT AS 3 with RedHat GFS 6.

I have been able to reach a pont from the initrd whewre the common root
GFSfilesystem is mounted. But, once root has been pivoted (pivot_root), the
system panics with VFS complaining that it cannot mount root, either
passing the correct pool device or without root= parameter.

I've tested the linuxrc in the initrd by had, stoping just after
pivot_root, and trying to launch init in a chrooted environment as per
initrd.txt in kernel Documentation. Init complaints about not being passed
proper arguments, and does nothing. Getting out of the shell, takes me to
the expeted VFS induced panic.

My question is: is it feasible to run with GFS root filesystem? Am I doing
something realy stupid?

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