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Re: [Linux-cluster] Latest cvs

Ion Alberdi wrote:

I have more clues:
It appears that the error comes from:
find_root_by_ref in reslist.c because it returns NULL
when it's called from group_op in groups.c in my second node.
I'm continuing my investigation, but if someone has an idea about why this could happen
It could be great!

what happens in find_root_by_ref:
the loop only does one iteration
then curr->r_rule->rr_root == 0
so the loop continues and as there is no other elements in the list
it goes out and returns NULL.
I tried to see what this field means but when I saw the structures:

typedef struct _resource_rule {


char * rr_type;

char * rr_agent;

char * rr_version; /** agent XML spec version;OCF-ism*/

int rr_root; ->I dont know what's the purpose of this field......

int rr_maxrefs;

resource_attr_t * rr_attrs;

resource_child_t * rr_childtypes;

resource_act_t * rr_actions;

} resource_rule_t;

typedef struct _resource {


resource_rule_t * r_rule;

char * r_name;

resource_attr_t * r_attrs;

int r_flags;

int r_refs;

int r_incarnations; /** Number of instances running locally */

time_t r_started; /** Time this resource was last started */

resource_act_t * r_actions;

} resource_t;

I couldn't guess what was happening......

I'm going to see what happens in the other node, to have more clues and to see what is
the normal behaviour of this function

Any help,clue would always be great ;-D

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