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[Linux-cluster] Using cman,etc for a non-gfs app


For the last few days, I have been looking at the cman stack for our
application. But I have a few questions.

Our application is asymetric, we have a (duplicated active-passive)
master server and work nodes. What I need from the cman is to know the
state of each node and notification when the state changes. The policy
decision (as to the fail-over, etc) would be taken by our master server.
>From what I can see, cman/ucman can already do that.

But, I need to monitor the application (have some kind of application
heartbeat) so I can know if the app has deadlocked or segfaulted. And
inform the masters (active/passive) of what happened so they can take
the proper decision. 

It would also be nice to have a library version of fence, but for now I
guess I can just system() fence_node (that does not use fenced, right?).
Or something like stonithd (from the linux-ha folks) where the fencing
equipement can be connected to different nodes, but be controlled in a
transparent way. And, I want to retain control from my app...

Oh yea, and I need something relatively stable before September too...
Can I do that with your stuff? 

Olivier Crête
ocrete max-t com
Maximum Throughput Inc.

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