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[Linux-cluster] iSCSI enclosure

Hi everyone,

I have been using an external doubly-connected SCSI enclosure (Dell powervault 220s) for our current clustering system (Fedora, heatbeat, GFS). I am now looking at moving towards iSCSI as a shared storage container. I've been following the chatter for a few months on the list and wanted to get opinions from the people out there about what their experience has been like with iSCSI.

Unfortunately I do not have too much money to spend and I do have a lot of SATA drives lying around, so I'm talking about low end gear at least for now.
I've seen a lot of press about the Dell/EMC AX100i, but a lot of it negative -- would be very curious as to people's opinions about that. I've also found things like the Promise VTrak 15200:
and the EonStor A12E-G2121:

which all seem to fit requirements. anyone used those or any similar products?

also I've spent <30 minutes trying but was unable to get the linux iSCSI initiator to work with the 2.6 kernel -- has this been done? is it production ready?


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