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Re: [Linux-cluster] A few GFS newbie questions: journals, etc

Jon Scottorn wrote:
> Ok, well maybe my situation is a little different, I have 4 physical
> nodes that are need to access the gfs share.  I want to be able to just
> run the cluster even if there is only 1 node active.  I don't really
> need to worry about the cluster I just want a filesystem that will work
> with multiple mounts to a block device.  So, no matter how many nodes I
> have in the cluster wether it be 1 or 50, the filesystem will stay
> active and continue to serve out the share and when other nodes come
> online the just are able to access it without issues. 
> Is that a possibility?

Not really. The whole point of the quorum is to prevent "split-brains" where two
nodes can see the shared storage but not each other - which would corrupt the
filesystem because they can't co-ordinate locking.



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