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Re: [Linux-cluster] A few GFS newbie questions: journals, etc

Ok, so let me reiterate:

   If I don't even care about quorum and the cluster.  I just want a
filesystem that will server out a block device, which is what gfs does. 
I'm not worried about "split brain" issues.  If we need to have quorum,
I want the number of nodes for quorum to be set at 1, which will be the
main server containing the data.  Any other node that connectes can just
access the data or go offline without causeing any quorum issues.
Is this functionality going to be possible, I want to use GFS for this
because if not, our other option is enbd but then we are limiting
ourselves very much.  We would have to create seperate partitions for
each node to mount, etc... a major PAIN to go that way but, it is not as
painful of having quorum fail and cause all of our nodes to go down.



gwood dragonhold org wrote:

>>This reminds me, how does a cluster behave that has an On-disk quorum
>>(Tru64 and Windows, off the top of my head)?  In those OS'es you have to
>>dedicate a partition for "quorum".  Are there any advantages to this, or
>>am I just misunderstanding something.
>The disk has 1 vote, and is reserved by a "scsi reserve" command (which
>can only be executed by one node) should the votes ever get to "split
>brain" level.
>E.g. on a 2 node cluster, at the point when they lose contact, they try to
>grab the quorum device.  Whoever gets the disk then gets 2 votes (out of
>3) and the other dies.
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