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Re: [Linux-cluster] A few GFS newbie questions: journals, etc

So is it going to be possible.  If so how do I go about setting it up
for that.

Also, I found a docs/min-gfs.txt file with in the cluster source
directory that is kind of discussing what we want to acomplish.
Basically what it says is I have a backend storage server and clients
that access it.  That setup would even work but I haven't been able to
get it functioning.  I get to the point when fence_tool join is run and
I get an error
fence_tool: cannot communicate with fenced -1.

Anyone have any thoughts.

Thanks in advance.


Patrick Caulfield wrote:

> Jon Scottorn wrote:
>> The reason why I am not worried about data integrity is because the
>> nodes accessing the data are not accessing the same spots on the
>> filesystem.
>> ie..   storage server has the data.
>>    node 1 accesses gfs mount/some_dir
>>    node 2 accesses gfs mount/some_other_dir
>>    node 3 accesses gfs mount/yet_some_other_dir
> That is still no guarantee against total filesystem corruption.
> Patrick
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