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Re:[Linux-cluster] Configuring rgmanager

Ion Alberdi wrote:

Results from my tests with two nodes(buba and gump)(and latest cvs(update done today)):
I tried to put a basic script in failover on two nodes.

(buba seems not to have any clurgmrgrd running, even if I started the rgmanager...)

I don't know if it's a bug of the rgmanager or if I'm doing something wrong, but I don't understand why during the first reboot everything worked and nothing then...

Aparently this has nothing to do with the reboot, but with the use of clusvcadm.
When I only reboot nodes without relocating manually services, it works well: the service switching is always done.
However, after having relocated manually the service and rebooting the server running the service, it seems that magma doesn't say to the remaining node that the service must be relocated (membership_update is not called, so nothing is done...)
Is this a bug?
If it is not, I would find very usefull to relocate manually a service,
for example if the cluster is composed of a huge server and a little rescue server, after having repaired the huge server and making it join the cluster, it will be welcome to relocate manually the service.
Also if the administrator wants to do some operations on a server running a criticial service, it will be necessary to have previously relocated the service.

Best regards

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