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[Linux-cluster] GFS-Cluster and Virtualization

Hi all,

i'm currently doing some kind of research about cluster-technology for
io-intensive applications like file- and printserver in prepress-
eviroments. As a total newby to cluster-concepts i was wondering if i
could do something like the following with gfs (or other cluster

Several servers acting as one "superserver" hosting some virtualization
technology like VMWare. All cluster nodes would use the same shared
storage connected via fibrechannel to a fc-switch (This is exactly what
gfs is doing, right?) The virtual machines on this host would run
standard linux distributions like RedHat ES 4. Especially charming would
be the ability to grant storage and cpu needs between the  virual
machines "on demand".

1. Is it possible?
2. Would i run into io-problems (locking etc)?
3. Where could i find concepts of such installations with benchmarks and
reliability tests?

Thanks for any help,
Thomas Liesner - c/o Creativ Consulting GmbH, Ratingen
Email: t liesner creativ-consulting de
PGP Fingerprint: 7B6B 8364 D205 0FA2 8753  AEE0 70B7 AB3A 06B5 F368
PGP Public Key: http://www.creativ-consulting.de/keys

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