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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS-Cluster and Virtualization

Quoting Mike Fedyk <mfedyk matchmail com>:

> If you are looking for load leveling, you might want to take a look at
> OpenSSI (which uses GFS and/or CFS) and (in the future) XEN.  From what
> I see, OpenSSI already can move processes from one node to another for
> load leveling, and makes allowances for the "home node" of a process to
> fail without losing service from that process.  XEN has future plans to
> move VMs between nodes, but does not do it yet AFAIK.

At some point in time, there was a GFS drop inside Fedora development tree. With
a few minor patches, you could compile the necessary modules inside the the xenU
kernel, and enable GFS support for Xen VMs. Unfortunately, the kernels in that
Fedora development tree have had symbol problems (missing symbols), so one
could not achieve full functionality of a GFS file system (locking wouldn't
come up). But, you could create GFS file systems.

At present, Xen supplied Fedora kernels (xen0) fail to boot on my test machine
(dual Xeon blade), so I can't say if newly compiled kernels load symbols
correctly or not. Also, GFS RPMS disappeared from the most recent Fedora
development drop, meaning, you would have to find GFS and other stuff in SRPMS
form somewhere else and build yourself.

Just an FYI...


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