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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS, DLM & RH-Cluster Suite

Patricio Bruna V wrote:

For the moment i dont (wont) have any kind of regular network connection
So the only 2 posibilities i have for now are:

1. to setup a serial link
2. use net over usb (usbnet)

so, basically my question is: would 1 or 2 work?


In theory, the cluster software should work over any link. Running ppp over the serial link, and/or usbnet, should be sufficient. However, you will probably have to play with the timeout & other settings to get them to work over such a slow link. It's also going to be incredibly slow to do anything.

If you're looking to use GFS (and don't have any shared storage) then you're going to have to use some method of faking that (GNBD, or similar) which will send more data over the "connection" too, and is likely to overload it if you're doing anything at all to the filesystem.

If you've got spare PCI slots, I'd SERIOUSLY recommend getting a pair of really cheap network cards & a crossover cable - they're relatively cheap these days, and here would probably be about the same cost in total as a USB<->USB cable!


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