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[Linux-cluster] Re: Kernel RPMS

I don't think the current RHEL4 kernel will build with GFS. The best thing to do (until GFS 6.1 is released) is to build from HEAD with the latest linux kernel.


Axel Thimm wrote:
On Mon, Mar 28, 2005 at 03:59:55PM -0600, Chris Feist wrote:

Unfortunately it isn't possible to put out the kernel rpms required by the GFS alpha packages. The best way to test GFS out is to build from the latest sources in cvs from http://sources.redhat.com/cluster/. GFS SRPMS should be available around the time of the GFS 6.1 release.

Chris, is the current publicly available RHEL kernel, 2.6.9-5.0.3.EL,
suitable for GFS CVS or are the distributed flock patches or other
core patches needed (i.e. can all of GFS be built as external kernel
modules)? Not having to touch the kernel itself would be a blessing.



nodata wrote:

you please put either the binary or source kernels out

Did you ever get an answer for this? Are the src.rpms not available for
the Red Hat kernels?


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