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[Linux-cluster] Problems compiling RHEL4 branch on FC3

I just tried fetching the RHEL4 branch to update the old head branch I have used.

Here is a list of problems compiling this branch so far:

LOCK_USE_CLNT is gone from newer kernels. I just defined it to 1 to get compilation past the problems. Don't know how this will affect the cluster software... But at least it compiles.

In line 964 of gfs-kernel/src/gfs/quota.c the compiler complains about argument count to the write function. Looks right to me, so I'm a bit confused (quite normal state for me I'm afraid). Somehow the compiler seems to think this is a call to write (2), and not to the tty_drivers write.
I just removed the line (and the if statement in the previous line) to get past it. I don't need no quota messages. :-D

gulm/Makefile doesn't include libgulm.a in the all: target, but it's part of the install: actions so installation fails. I just added lib/libgulm.a to all: to finish the make.


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