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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS and CLVM-snapshot

David Teigland wrote:
CLVM snapshots do not work with GFS, sorry. Maybe sometime in the future.

I see. It's a very helpful info for me.

   node1  node2  node3 (FC3)
    GFS    GFS    GFS
   GNBD   GNBD   GNBD  <-- gnbd_import -n
    |      |      |
          GNBD  <-- gnbd_serv -n / gnbd_export -c
          LV    <-- LVM2
          node0 (file server: FC3)

For the time being, this setup is worthy for our use. But in the future, we will replace GNBD with iSCSI using NetApp. If then, LVM is not able to be used on file-server side. So I'm expecting CLVM. But, NetApp also might have some block-level snapshots, I guess...

node1-3# gfs_tool freeze /mnt/gfs
node0#   lvcreate -s -n lv0ss0 ...
node1-3# gfs_tool unfreeze /mnt/gfs
node0#   gnbd_export -c -d lv0ss0 -n nbd0ss0
node1#   gnbd_import -n -i node0
node1#   mount -t gfs -o ro,lockproto=lock_nolock /dev/gnbd/nbd0ss0

Thank you, I tried it with CVS head of about April 8th. I don't know why, but "gfs_tool freeze" causes the following error: gfs_tool: unknown mountpoint /mnt/gfs

I tried also today's CVS head (cmand wasn't compiled automatically;),
but fence_tool failed (It could not create a socket).
FC4 branch was not able to be compiled on FC3 (SOCK_ZAPPED matter).
I will consider using FC4-test3.


-- Kenji

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