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Re: [Linux-cluster] cman_tool kill, cluster stuck

this config seems to have helped.  a node went down again, but I was able
to recover with fence_ack_manual.


On 12, May, 2005, David Teigland declared:

> On Thu, May 12, 2005 at 06:51:22AM -0400, Dan B. Phung wrote:
> > Hi all, my cluster seems to be stuck!  one of the nodes
> > went down, and I see a message on one of the live nodes
> > that repeatedly says:
> > 
> >   fencing node "blade12"
> >   fence "blade12" failed
> I've gone back to some of your previous messages where you included your
> cluster.conf and you had fencing misconfigured.  Here's how manual fencing
> should look.  Notice that the device name "human" under node refers to the
> fencedevice with the same name below.
> <clusternode name="node01">
>         <fence>
>                 <method name="single">
>                         <device name="human" nodename="node01"/>
>                 </method>
>         </fence>
> </clusternode>
> <fencedevices>
>         <fencedevice name="human" agent="fence_manual"/>
> </fencedevices>
> If that doesn't help, please send your current cluster.conf.
> Dave


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