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[Linux-cluster] RHEL4AS w/ cvs RHEL4 branch

Hi everyone,


I manage to install RHEL4 cvs branch on a two server RHEL4 w/ kernel 2.6.9-5.ELsmp using the usage.txt as my guide.

Failover seems fine when following the shutdown procedure.

But, when simulating a broken server scenario by just turning off power to the server, the surviving node hangs

until such time that I was able to bootup and run “fence_tool join” again on the previously failed node.


Is the cvs RHEL4 branch capable of supporting this kind of scenario?

I have a previous installation of RHEL3 AS w/ GFS 6.0 and works fine when tested this way.

The only issue I have with that setup is the speed performance of my cluster.

Using RHEL4, my samba server is a little faster than my windows file servers, hence the need to make this work on RHEL4.


I’m currently using manual fence method, but planning to make use of switch fencing (brocade) for production.


Would appreciate any help on this.


Best Regards,

Antonio Rodriguez




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