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[Linux-cluster] Error locking on node, Internal lvm error, when creating logical volume


I've setup a 2-node cluster using the following versions of software:

- cluster 1.01.00
- device-mapper 1.01.05
- LVM2

- kernel is 2.6.13-4 SMP (RH-FC4), running on physical SMP machine [biceleron]
- kernel is 2.16.13-ARCH (as packaged by Archlinux), running on  GSX virtual machine [archlinux], GSX software running on [biceleron] 

The cluster is formed without any evident problem at startup.

My problem:
The problem happens when I try to create a logical volume, getting the following:

On the first node [biceleron],  with the actual physical disk attached:

[root biceleron]# lvcreate -L10000 -ntest1vg VolGroupHdf
  Error locking on node archlinux: Internal lvm error, check syslog
  Failed to activate new LV.

On the second node [archlinux],  /var/log/daemon.log shows:

Nov  3 13:08:48 archlinux lvm[2670]: Volume group for uuid not
 found: np60FVh26Fpvf3NlNrwM0EIiaNa41un5nR6ShP77FzT5waM6CoS0Bm2vzu0X8Izb

Please also note that, locally on [biceleron], the logical volume gets actually
created  under /dev/VolGroupHdf/test1vg

Thank you for any hint
Marco M.

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