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Re: [Linux-cluster] Advice on Storage Hardware

There is no single partition limit, it was more that I said
we have done active/passive rather than active/active, where
all partitions belong to the currently active node rather than
having an active/active where some belong to one and the others
to the other.

Bottom line: what you are trying to do is certainly possible.


David Brieck Jr. wrote:
On 11/11/05, Michael Will <mwill penguincomputing com> wrote:
In our case there would be a serial and an ethernet heartbeat between
the systems.

If one system detects the lack of responsiveness of the other system, it
shuts it down,
does an IP takeover and mounts the partition that belonged to the other
system and
now offers it under the new IP address. When the other system has been
brought up
again, and has been considered stable, it is being advised to take back
it's ressource,
which does initiate the other system to release it and once that has
been confirmed, it
takes over the IP address and starts it's nfs service for that partition

I have only configured this for active/passive setups with a single
partition so far, but
to extend that to two partitions and an active/active setup should not
be too hard.


Thanks Michael. We probably would need more than one partition,
probably somewhere around 5, just so we keep data segregated and
manageable. I still have yet to get my hands on a setup to test things
out, but from all the docs I've been reading the number of partitions
shouldn't be a problem.

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