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[Linux-cluster] gfs and fencing

Title: gfs and fencing

I'm trying to implement gfs on FC4.  I'm following the redhat docs.  I do not have the gui. 

I'm confused about the fencing piece.  It implies that fencing is required to allow a service to run on only a single node in a cluster which ensures data integrity.  Makes sense if your data resides on ext3 or an equivalent.  But it seems to defeat the purpose of GFS. 

In fact, I really only want to utilize gfs and don't want my app to be a service or eligible for failover.  I basically want 3 nodes to serve data from the same filesystem.  If an app/service/node crashes or fails it's fine, I'll still have 2 serving the same data via the same apps. 

So my questions are, how should I configure fencing?  Are there aspects of the cluster I should/can leave out of the mix since I really only want gfs functionality, not ha functionality.  Thanks


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