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[Linux-cluster] Unmounting problems

I have a problem trying to move a service from one node to another.  The
service has a local mount from an attached fibre disk array which is then
published as an nfs mount for other non cluster servers to use.  When I use
clusvcadm to either disable or move the service, it fails leaving the
service disabled and the mount still in place.  

If I try to unmount it using umount -f /dev/emcpowerf1 and error is reported
saying the device is busy.
I have tried running lsof as detailed on the red hat knowledgebase but this
shows no results.
The only solution I can find is to reboot the node.

Can anyone please let me know what the problem might be.

I am running RHEL 3.0 with cluster suite, an emc ax100 disk array with emc
powerpath management software running on each cluster node.
Below is an extract from my cluster.xml file.

    <service checkinterval="0" failoverdomain="None" id="1"
maxfalsestarts="0" maxrestarts="0" name="192mp3" userscript="None">
        <service_ipaddress broadcast="None" id="0" ipaddress=""
monitor_link="0" netmask="None"/>
        <service_ipaddress broadcast="None" id="1" ipaddress=""
monitor_link="0" netmask="None"/>
      <device id="0" name="/dev/emcpowerf1">
        <mount forceunmount="yes" mountpoint="/mnt/webexport/192mp3"
        <nfsexport id="0" name="/mnt/webexport/192mp3">
          <client id="0" name="*" options="rw,no_root_squash"/>

Ben Yarwood

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