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RE: [Linux-cluster] Clustering and GFS filesystem setup - SOLVED

From: Bowie Bailey 
> I have created a simple cluster with two nodes.  One node has
> created a GFS filesystem using clvm.  According to the docs, LVM2 is
> supposed to allow the cluster to share the logical volumes, but I
> can find no details on how this works.  The second node can see the
> physical storage, but not the logical volumes.  How do I set this
> up?

A related post from Kevin Anderson pointed me in the right direction.

After some digging, I came across this page which pointed me to the
vgscan command which I had somehow overlooked.


I also realized that I had forgotten to add the line in lvm.conf to
tell LVM to use the AoE drives.

    types = [ "aoe", 16 ]

Once I added this to lvm.conf and ran vgscan, the logical volume was
there and was successfully mounted.


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