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[Linux-cluster] Firewall settings

I need to put firewalls on my machines running GFS. I can't find any documentation on what ports are used. If it's in a document I just haven't found, I'd appreciate being pointed to it. I can do a netstat to find the ports currently being used, but I'm not positive if these ports are dynamic, or if they are a range of ports, or what. I am running GFS 6.1, on a RHEL 4 based system. I am currently using the lock_gulmd locking system, but I plan on moving the the dlm based locking system, so I'll need it's ports as well. I have not updated currently to the kernel, GFS, and cluster of update 2, but I suspect the ports and firewall settings should still be the same.

So it looks like I currently need the ports for
rgmanager (clurgmgrd)
But will later need the ports for

If I do a netstat I get the following ports
50006 - tcp
50007 - upd
50008 - tcp
50009 - tcp

41966 - tcp
41967 - tcp
41968 - tcp
41969 - tcp

40040 - tcp
40042 - tcp
41040 - tcp
But on lock_gulmd I also see that these ports are locked to different ports on various machines in the cluster. Such as

tcp 0 0 machine1.here.com:40040 machine2.here.com:32814 ESTABLISHED 1825/lock_gulmd_cor

So, does that mean that I also have to open port 32814 also, or is that tunneled correctly.

Any help is appreciated.
Troy Dawson
Troy Dawson  dawson fnal gov  (630)840-6468
Fermilab  ComputingDivision/CSS  CSI Group

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