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Re: [Linux-cluster] message from 1 does not - etc

James Davis wrote:
> Ok simple setup
> 2 nodes.
> I'm getting the following messages on them and fs2 is NOT join the
> cluster -
> I would appreciate any help possible...
> It's a debian system based on http://xfdeb.sourceforge.net/ - it seemed to
> be the ONLY way i could get the software to even compile on debian
> Alternatively I would love to hear from anyone who has done this on debian
> or if it's mostly a redhat install base
> FS1 - Looks ok
> Nov 24 21:47:51 fs1 kernel: Lock_DLM (built Jan 29 2005 20:42:25) installed
> Nov 24 21:49:28 fs1 kernel: CMAN: Waiting to join or form a Linux-cluster
> Nov 24 21:50:00 fs1 kernel: CMAN: forming a new cluster
> Nov 24 21:55:10 fs1 kernel: CMAN: node fs2 rejoining

Those last two lines look wrong to me. A node cannot "rejoin" if the cluster has
just been formed.

Check your kernel wasn't compiled with PREEMPT enabled.



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