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Re: [Linux-cluster] message from 1 does not - etc

In the GNBD server machine.
i am trying to load gnbd_serv and keep on faling with:

GuLM: gulm_open called  --> my printout
GuLM: lg_core_login failed --> my printout
clu_connect failed --> my printout

gnbd_serv: ERROR cannot get node name : No such process
gnbd_serv: ERROR No cluster manager is running
gnbd_serv: ERROR If you are not planning to use a cluster manager, use -n

I  have a cman installed on this machine ( thoiugh min-gfs.txt doesn't
mention it).
and i have two nodes with  gnbd,gfs,lock-dlm up
exactly as min-gfs says for two node configuration .
I do not think this a magama plugin problem
and i am using the last STABLE state  .
any idea?

who am I .

I software enginner working in a firm called bitband. bitband product is
video servers. now , i am in process of evaluating  sorts of cfs's.
i have been trying pvfs,lustre and now gfs.


On 11/28/05, Patrick Caulfield <pcaulfie redhat com> wrote:
> Raz Ben-Jehuda(caro) wrote:
> > the posix i have learned in the hard way.
> > But why PREEMPT is disabled ?
> >
> Because it breaks the cluster software :)
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> patrick
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