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[Linux-cluster] manual fencing not working in RHEL4 branch

I'm doing some testing with manual fencing and here's what I've found:

Using the RHEL4 branch of code and running on a RHEL4 U1 system manual
fencing doesn't seem to work. If I have a simple two node cluster and
force a reboot of the primary node (node1 - running the service) the
service fails over to the secondary node (node2) and starts running
without me having to execute 'fence_ack_manual -n node1'. In fact if I
look in look at the /tmp filesystem I don't see the fifo file ever
being created. So in fact if I try to execute 'fence_ack_manual' it
complains about the fifo file not existing. So it's as if fenced
calling fence_manual isn't creating the fifo file to begin with.

Using the STABLE branch and building against and 2.6.12 kernel manual
fencing works as expected. When I force a reboot of the system running
the service, the service doesn't fail over until I manually execute
'fence_ack_manual', then the service starts sucessfully on the
remaining node.

Any comments? Anyone else observe this same behavior? Is this just
broken in the RHEL4 branch?


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