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[Linux-cluster] Fedora + GFS & No GNBD scripts??


I've got GFS set up (almost) perfectly after a few days of following several HOWTOs and the RedHat manual.

However, after a reboot, gnbd_serv isn't loaded, nor does it ever get loaded until I do it manually after boot (after disabling fenced so the system will boot because fenced waits forever while trying to communicate with the non-existant gnbd_serv).

So, the first issue is: why doesn't Fedora provide a way to load gnbd_serv and the module gnbd and gnbd_client on boot (e.g. /etc/init.d/gnbd)?

The second issue is: the devices that I export using gnbd_export aren't remembered between boots. Each time a reboot, I need to re-export like this:

gnbd_export -d /dev/VolGroup00/LogVolStorage -e server_storage

I did quite a bit of googling on this and found that Gentoo handles this all by providing a /etc/gnbdtab, /etc/init.d/gndb_serv, and /etc/init.d/gnbd_client. The gndb exports & imports are stored in the first file.

So what's going on? Do I need to copy Gentoo's way of doing it, or is there a Fedora way that didn't get installed for some reason?


Joshua Mouch



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