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Re: [Linux-cluster] Fencing?

I don't know very much but what I understand from fencing is forcefully
disabling a node that is not reachable by cluster to prevent this dead
node accidently (maybe the node wasn't dead and will try to write
something to shared storage which can cause catastrophic damage if GFS is
not used) write something to file system. It does this using power
switches or other methods such as IPMI or ILO .(I heard there was a new
module for fencing that uses vmware )

Thus I think this fencing conecpt is the same as STONITH in linux-ha.org
which means Shoot The Other Node In The Head(Heart)....

If I am mistaken someone please correct me.
> I'm a bit unclear on the concept of fencing.  Can anyone point me to a
> good
> overview of what it does and how it works?
> Bowie
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Omer Faruk Sen

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