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[Linux-cluster] cluster-1.01.00

A new source tarball from the STABLE branch has been released; it builds
and runs on 2.6.13:


Version 1.01.00 - 5 October 2005
  cman-kernel: SM should wait for all recoveries to complete before it
  processes any group joins/leaves.  bz#162014
  cman-kernel: Fix barriers.
  cman-kernel: Fix off-by-one error in find_node_by_nodeid() that can
  cause an oops in some odd circumstances.
  dlm-kernel: Don't increment the DLM reference count when connecting to an
  already extant lockspace.  bz#157295
  dlm-kernel: Fix refcounting that could cause a memory leak.
  dlm-kernel: Return locking errors correctly.  bz#154990
  dlm-kernel: Don't free the lockinfo block if the LKB still exists.  bz#161146
  cman: "cman_tool join" can now set /proc/cluster/conf/cman values from CCS
  lock_dlm: The first mounter shouldn't let others mount until
  others_may_mount() has been called.  bz#161808
  gfs-kernel: If it took too long to sync the dependent inodes back to
  disk, resource group descriptor could get corrupted.  bz#164324
  gfs-kernel: It is now possible to toggle acls on and off with -o remount.
  Also, acls are only displayed when they are enabled.
  gfs-kernel: No longer check permissions before truncating a file in
  gfs_setattr.  bz#169039
  gfs-kernel: Fix oops when copying suid root file to gfs.
  gfs-kernel: changes to work on 2.6.13
  gfs_fsck: Some variables weren't getting initialized properly in pass1b,
  causing hangs (or segfaults) when duplicate blocks were present.  bz#162709
  fence: Add support for Dell PowerEdge 1855 to fence_drac.  bz#150563
  fence: Add support for latest ilo firmware version (1.75).  Changes were
  also added to make sure that power status of the machine is being properlly
  checked after power change commands have been issued.  bz#161352
  fence: fence_ipmilan default operation should be reboot.  bz#164627
  fence: fence_wti default operation should be reboot.  bz#162805
  ccs: Increase daemon performance by adding local socket communications.
  rgmanager: Fix ip bugs. bz#157327, bz#163651, bz#166526
  rgmanager: Fix hang when specifying nonexistent services. bz#159767
  rgmanager: Fix service tree handling.  bz#162824, bz#162936


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