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Re: Antw: [Linux-cluster] Oracle 10G-R2 on GFS install problems

OCFS2 has not been released for oracle products, even thought is from oracle themselves. GFS has been certified for the 9.2-series, and if you can use RHEL3 or RHEL4 depends on if you need 32 or 64bit support. Oracle has strict guidelines what they support in which version on which OS again in which version, and on which hardware platform. Usually there is a good reason for exclusion of choices. It might work on other versions and OS's not listed, but it won't be supported then.

Stefan, this mailinglist has an international audience and all postings are in english ;-)

Stefan Marx wrote:

Hi Marvin,

also OCFS2 ist für Oracle Produkte noch nicht freigegeben, auch wenn es von Oracle selebr stammt. GFS ist für die 9.2er Serie zertifiziert, wobei man schauen muß, ob man RHEL3 oder RHEL4 verwenden kann, je nachdem, ob man 32-Bit oder 64-Bit Support benötigt. Da gibt es ziemlich klare Aussagen bei Oracle, welche Produkte mit welcher Version auf welchem Betriebssystem mit welcher Version und zusätzlich auf welcher Hardwareplattform supported sind. Und das hat auch meistens seinen guten Grund :-(. Klar gehen die Sachen auch auf anderen Betriebssystemen, solange die entsprechenden Libraries und Kernelversionen passen, sind dann aber halt nicht supported.

Ciao, Stefan

spwilcox att com 10/13/05 8:26 pm >>>
In the process of installing Oracle 10G-R2 on a RHEL4-U2 x86_64 cluster with GFS 6.1.2, I get the following error when running Oracle's root.sh for cluster ready services (a.k.a clusterware): [ OCROSD][4142143168]utstoragetype: /u00/app/ocr0 is on FS type 18225520. Not supported. I did a little poking around and found that OCFS2 has the same issue, but with OCFS2 it can be circumvented by mounting with -o datavolume... I was unable to find any similar options for GFS mounts. This looks like probably more of an Oracle bug, as 10G-R1 installed without any problems (I have my DBA pursuing the Oracle route), but I was wondering if anyone else has come across this problem and if so, was there any fix? Thanks, -steve

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