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[Linux-cluster] Service/Resource group help needed

I am setting up a two node active/passive cluster to provide DHCP/DNS
services, using CentOS 4 U2 and RHCS4. The rpms were compiled from srpms
using the info provided by Sean Gray (thanks, Sean). The shared storage
is on a NetApp filer using ISCSI. I think I've missed something
somewhere. The output from clustat and clusvcadm:

[root ns1-node1 ~]# clustat
Member Status: Quorate

Not a member of the Resource Manager service group.
Resource Group information unavailable; showing all cluster members.

  Member Name                              State      ID
  ------ ----                              -----      --
  ns1-node2.mydomain.net                   Online     0x0000000000000002
  ns1-node1.mydomain.net                   Online     0x0000000000000001

[root ns1-node1 ~]# clusvcadm -m ns1-node1.mydomain.net -e DNS
Member ns1-node1.mydomain.net not in membership list

Any help/advice will be greatly appreciated. TIA.

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