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[Linux-cluster] dhcp failover

Two things to consider:

1. Normally you would run two DHCP servers under two different IP's on the same subnet that serve half of the IP numbers. When one fails, the other one continues to serve its ip space and hopefully the first one is fixed before the second one runs out of IP numbers.

2. If you have a hard requirement to be only on a single IP address for the DHCP server (rare case for some ISP's DSL hardware) then you can do the active/passive configuration much more easily with a classic heartbeat-setup.

We have done both as professional service for customers of ours. Attached storage we usually only use when there is significant data to share, i.e. mysql. The dhcp server configuration can be synced with rsync across the second gigabit ethernet port in realtime.


Michael Will
Penguin Computing Corp.
Sales Engineer
415-954-2899 fx
mwill penguincomputing com
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