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[Linux-cluster] Using GFS without a network?

Hello *, 

we have two networks which require to be topologically separated.
Nevertheless, data exchange shall be possible. We're thinking about
implementing two servers (one for each network) with a shared storage (one
or two SCSI disks on a shared bus between the two servers). As local
filesystems do not make sense on shared SCSI busses, we're thinking about
implementing a solution based on GFS. 

The point is: Synchronisation of the file system access must be handled
either via the SCSI bus or via the disks themselves, since an ethernet link
between the two machines does not fit into our security concept. 
I've read about the concept of quorum disks which are based on raw devices.
Raw devices skip the Linux read/write cache, so the necessary heartbeat
channel and filesystem cache sync could be done via a shared raw partition.
Is this possible? All the docs I have read imply setting up a cluster, and
thus a network, which is not an option. I want to avoid complexity in this
one. We do not have real time requirements, so a periodic update of the
shared raw data should suffice.

Long story cut short, we want
- GFS on a shared SCSI disk (Performance is not important)
- dlm without network access (theoretically possible...
  but how dependant is GFS on the cluster services?)


Andreas Brosche

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