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Re: [Linux-cluster] partly OT: failover <500ms

Jure Pečar wrote:
Hi all,

Sorry if this is somewhat offtopic here ...

Our telco is looking into linux HA solutions for their VoIP needs. Their
main requirement is that the failover happens in the order of a few 100ms.

Can redhat cluster be tweaked to work reliably with such short time
periods? This would mean heartbeat on the level of few ms and status probes
on the level of 10ms. Is this even feasible?

Since VoIP is IP anyway, I'm looking into UCARP and stuff like that.
Anything else I should check?

Check out Linux-HA (http://linux-ha.org/). It's been used in sub-second environments and has some documentation on the fact sheets and other pages of the web site. If you don't find enough to help you on the web site the mailing lists are quite active.

Thanks for answers,

Peter -- Peter R. Badovinatz aka 'Wombat' -- IBM Linux Technology Center preferred: tabmowzo us ibm com / alternate: wombat us ibm com These are my opinions and absolutely not official opinions of IBM, Corp.

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