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[Linux-cluster] Samba failover "impossible" due to missing cifs client reconnect?

After having setup our workarounds for NFS we are very happy with how
it's working. Now we're looking at Samba.

But we have quite a showstopper right at the beginning. The smb/cifs
clients, be it smbclient or Windows XP, don't like their TCP stream
being resetted and don't retry/reconnect (contrary to NFS).

It looks like the protocol has no considerations for retries above the
TCP/IP level. So when the TCP stream is torn on the server's side due
to relocation (either due to crash/fencing or soft) any client
smb/cifs activity is broken at that time.

This means that any data transfer via smb/cifs shares during the
relocation will fail, and there is nothing we can do on the server's
side. Or is there?
Axel.Thimm at ATrpms.net

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