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[Linux-cluster] Debugging Fencing??

I have a 3 node cluster (RHEL3 + GFS running but fencing will
not function correctly. I can call fence_ilo manually and fence a reboot
a node by hand but calling fence_node fails complaining about connection
errors which come from perl-Crypt-SSLeay. I've looked over my configs and 
things look ok to me. I've got other clusters using similar configs that 
work fine. I've looked through the fence_node code to find out whats going
on and it looks like I can somehow increase the verbosity of the fencing
operation so that it reports what the exact arguments are getting passed 
to fence_ilo. I've tried setting verbosity in lock_gulmd to ReallyALL but
there seems to be no effect with respect to additional logging of fenceing

I'll keep looking at the code to find out how to enable extra logging but
if someone could point me in the right direction, that'd be great.

Any suggestions?



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