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Re: [Linux-cluster] CCA Partition Invisible from 2nd Node

On 9/10/05, Wendy Cheng <wcheng redhat com> wrote:

> GFS obtains its disk information from /proc/partitions file - check this
> proc file from your "secondary" node to see whether array A and B are
> seen by Linux at all (and/or check the /var/log/dmesg file to be sure).

Yes - they are visible.

> Did you reboot between checking with fdisk and pool_info command on
> "secondary" ?

Nope :-)

However, I have subeseqently re-run pool_assemble -a on the secondary
node, and now I see the partition.

My question now is why this was necessary.  In order, these were my steps:

1) Write pool configs
2) On primary: pool_tool -c
3) On primary: pool_assemble -a
4) On secondary: pool_assemble -a
5) Write ccs files
6) On primary: ccs_tool create
7) On primary: restart ccsd - fine.
8) On secondary: restart ccsd - can't see cca partition.
9) <fx> Think and ask for help </fx>
10) On secondary: Re-run pool_assemble -a - now can see cca partition.
11) On secondary: Restart ccsd  - fine.

Is this abberant behaviour?  I am surprised I would need to run
pool_assemble twice, after creating the cluster archive.

Thanks for your help!

> -- Wendy


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