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Re: [Linux-cluster] Switching Master and Slave using lock_gulm

Adam Manthei wrote:
On Wed, Sep 14, 2005 at 02:39:15PM -0500, Troy Dawson wrote:

So the question is, is there a command in gulm_tools (or some other program) that will allow me to switch the master from one machine to the other without restarting any of the lock_gulm's.

Not really. You have to bring down the lock_gulmd processes in order to control the order. You can try running `gulm_tool switchpending` on the master server. That will force the master into the pending state, the only problem is that it might be the first one to recognize that there is no master and may come back as master again. On the other hand, you may get
lucky and have the master switch to the machine that you want to be master.

Thanks, that worked.

The one I want to be master has a vote of 5 while the other only have a vote of 1, so that might have been it. Then again, I might have just been lucky and the right one grabbed the master slot.
Either way, it worked.

Thanks Again,

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