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[Linux-cluster] Basic Scalability Questions


I have noted that LVM2 on a 2.6 kernel (in this case Fedora Core 4), has
no limit to the maximum number of logical volumes, physical volumes, or
physical extents in a particular volume group.  Is this also then the
case for CLVM?

Also, I have a couple of boxes sharing ATAoE storage right now in a
two-node cluster configuration.  Everything looks good.  We are not
using GFS as of yet, and do not have immediate plans to do so, so I have
been working with XFS and other filesystems in a couple of LVs with each
box only mounting one LV at a time (obviously).  In the interest of
seeing what could happen, I have purposely shutdown all the cluster
services on both boxes, resized volumes, done write tests and not seen
any filesystem corruption.  Have I just been incredibly lucky to avoid
particular race conditions?

Thanks very much.

Jeff Hardy
Systems Analyst
hardyjm potsdam edu

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