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[Linux-cluster] GFS breaking POSIX exhibited by Samba?


I've been stuggling with a strange bug in Samba which required me to
have some of the tdb files with permissions 0666 to allow Samba to

The Samba metadata (locking and connection tables etc) are placed on
GFS to allow for easier relocation of the Samba services ("poor man's
clustered samba").

The problem is that Samba opens some files as root, then drops
priviledges and finally accesses these files assuming that the root
access rights are still in order. This does not work under GFS, but
under any other local fs.

The Samba developers claim that this is POSIX compliant and that GFS
is not following POSIX in this matter.

Is this true? Does POSIX require the fds to not change access
priviledges even when setuiding to another user?

If so, why doesn't GFS respect this? A bug or a feature? If the former
I'll go and bugzilla it. If the latter, can there be a fix for the
RHEL4 branch?

Axel.Thimm at ATrpms.net

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