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Re: [Linux-cluster] High availability mail system

On 9/22/05, Robert Olsson <Robert Olsson mobeon com> wrote:
Im trying to put up a high availability mail system with high performance who support up to 300 000 mailboxes using a linux cluster.

Recently we wrote a Cluster FS dedicated to Email service based on ideas from GoogleFS, LogFS, GlobalFS, etc., which also gave me some thoughts on it. 

I have looked around for open source cluster solution, but so far only found solution like SAN for shared filesystem with high performance.

www.Lustre.org ?

Any suggestion how to solve the issues using open source software?
The system should support 
- Mailbox replication

 Replication in mail account level, file level, or GoogleFS[1]' chunk level, I wonder which one will simplify the complication ?

- Mailbox synchronization

 Based on above line.

- Redundancy both in hardware and software
- The system is to be build with low cost computers
- One shared filesystem without external storage like SAN
- Scalable

 GoogleFS gave a good example on it ;)

 [1] http://labs.google.com/papers/gfs.html

/Robert Olsson

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