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RE: [Linux-cluster] High availability mail system

Robert Olsson wrote:
> Im trying to put up a high availability mail system with high
> performance who support up to 300 000 mailboxes using a linux
> cluster.  
> I have looked around for open source cluster solution, but so far
> only found solution like SAN for shared filesystem with high
> performance.  

> Any suggestion how to solve the issues using open source software?
> The system should support
> - Mailbox replication
> .- Mailbox synchronization

Why are you replicating the mailbox. Why don't you put the mailboxes on NFS
and just have all of the servers dump into the same mailbox. The POP3
frontends can all pull from the same store as well.

Mail servers are one of the odd services that I've seen where it isn't
necessary to implement a cluster to scale well.


> .- Redundancy both in hardware and software
> - The system is to be build with low cost computers
> - One shared filesystem without external storage like SAN
> - Scalable
> /Robert Olsson

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