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[Linux-cluster] Four partitions mounted for one server -- samba fails

I have set up the cluster using CENTOS 3.5 using the main network
interface, the one with the gateway.

I have two services running.  httpd and mysql

httpd had only one partition mounted:  /usr/local/htdocs on /dev/sdb7
which is shared by samba

For backups and other stuff I am not privy to I have mounted three
more partitions:  /dev/sdb9, /dev/sdb10 and /dev/sdc1

None of these partitions are shared by samba

The service would not start stating that /etc/samba/smb.conf.not was not found

I did touch /etc/samba/smb.conf.not and I was able to make the service
start.  Unfortunately /etc/samba/smb.conf.not seems to be a samba file
and it is not sufficient for it to exist.   Every time the httpd
service is checked it fails, the devices are unmounted forcefully and
they are remounted and the service is restarted.  I believe this is
caused by samba

What stuff should I put into this file for /etc/samba.conf.not for the
service checks to function correctly?

I am loath to use the word urgent but I consider this to be urgent.  I
am getting paid for the work done.  I budgeted six days on this
project and I have already spent 10.  I would hate having to come back
to this place.  I am working standing infront of a LVKM getting
disconnected constantly and one day due to enterprise restrictions I
did not get access to Internet.  Its noon and I might have to leave at
14:30 and I would hate to spend another day I am not getting paid for
on this project.


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